The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

September 29, 2017

You might have heard it on television or by your dentist – there are thousands of microorganisms inside your mouth (both good bacteria and bad bacteria). You are taught from a very young age about the ‘sugar bugs’ that need to be brushed away daily. Though not intentional there may have been a sense of fear to remove these little pests from your teeth. But the main focus of dental education is to encourage a daily ritual of cleaning your teeth and flossing then seeing a dental professional biannually to prevent bacteria-related oral issues.

Dental VisitOur Queen Creek dental office suggests that each of our patients is seen twice a year for routine cleanings. Please keep in mind that the frequencies of regular dental visits are determined by the individual patient. Each smile is unique so each smile should have a unique dental treatment plan. But Dr Kelly Wettstein stresses that regular dental visits do matter so we can identify dental health problems early or take preventative measures to help you achieve a healthy smile.

Dental decay is a gradual process. When plaque isn’t cleaned regularly from a tooth, it will begin to break down the surface of a tooth. Tooth decay could also proceed to a cavity where a hole in the enamel is formed. Once a cavity is detected there is a need to visit a dentist to repair the damage.

Now I know that you are all wondering- can I stop dental decay completely?  Dental decay is caused by the food that we eat and the sugars it contains. This is an issue for all ages and there isn’t a simple solution. We suggest that you brush and floss your teeth after eating and use a fluoride to rise between the teeth. But it is still important to follow up with a dentist regularly because microscopic issues may be there without you realizing it.  There are also preventative measures that could be taken like dental sealants to protect the common areas of the mouth that we usually see cavities form.

Seeing a dentist should be part of your healthcare planning. Your dental health is directly affected by your overall health. If you have any changes in your medical treatments, your dentist needs to be informed. Pregnancy, diabetes, eating disorders, chemotherapy- these are just a few reasons to see a dentist also because they could affect your dental health also.

We know that there are many reasons that people avoid visiting a dental office. There is usually the fear of pain and discomfort that is associated with the dental industry. We understand that a dental phobia is more than just anxiety of seeing a dentist. Our goal is provide you with the best dental care and to build a personal relationship with each of our patients. We encourage an open communication where we can discuss your concerns and fears.

At Affinity Dental, we put a great importance on making you as comfortable as possible. We understand the great anxiety that some have visiting a dental office. That is why we offer a unique list of amenities that our patients can choose from to ease their tension while receiving dental treatments. Don’t let the fear stop you from scheduling with us. You only need one session of this and you will already experience changes towards the way you feel about dentists like Kelly B Wettstein DMD.

So begin today to make better choices when it comes to your dental health. Brush regularly and schedule routine visits with the Queen Creek Dental Office. We look forward to seeing you!

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