Start the School Year with a Healthy Smile!

July 20, 2016

Healthy Smile Summer is almost over… which means kids are beginning another school year! The big question is… are you ready, Queen Creek?

It is always a good idea to begin establishing good habits for our kids early so they are prepared when time for school is here. Things like going to sleep and wake up earlier is just one of many preparations we have to do. It is always very beneficial to maintain great oral health habits as our little ones will be spending a greater part of the day away from us.
Here’s an oral health checklist to assist parents with children:

    • Regular Visits to your Dentist

      Knowing that schoolwork and other extracurricular activities will be one of the major reasons children don’t make it to dental appointments makes now being the best time to bring them to your favorite Queen Creek dentist. Summer time is a perfect time to minimize time away from school!


    • Monitor Foods and Drinks

      One of the everyday concerns for parents is the foods children consume. Did you know that the snacks and lunches you will prepare have an impact on your child’s dental health?Nutrition should always be a primary focus and the effects of those sugary and highly acidic foods can damage your child’s bright smiles. That’s why you should discuss with your child the important roles of drinking adequate amounts of water, flossing and brushing after eating in addition to maintaining a routine teeth cleaning.

      Food variations help to make daily packed food seem less boring and more exciting. Try to find ways to add more fiber and nutrients on a menu, and especially to find alternatives for sodas and other sugary beverages.

      Despite of all the efforts we make, your kids will always be exposed to unhealthy options at school. This could be the snacks their friends are bringing or the vending machine. Spend time teaching your kids how to make healthy choices and explain the detrimental effects of frequently eating candy and sodas.

    • Sports, Physical Education and Playtime

      Playing is a major role in the lives of your children. They engage in activities such as running, jumping, sports with physical contact be it in class or on the playground. Though you can’t always protect from injury, parents are encouraged to have children wear athletic mouth guards that are perfectly fit for them during contact sports. This will help protect a young mouth from accidents. Parents should also be prepared with basic first aid procedures and keep the contact number of their dentist in case a dental accident such as tooth chipping occurs. Never hesitate to contact us when this happens!


    • Oral Health Products

      Given the fact that there are so many dental products to choose from on the market, it is imperative to know which one is the most appropriate for children. There are various attractive toothbrushes out there – from musical, lighting, electronic brushes to flavored and sparkly toothbrushes! Make their brush time more exciting!

      Kids should utilize toothbrushes with extra soft to soft bristles. Their toothpastes should vary depending on their age. Discuss with your dentist if a mouthwash would be beneficial for a child prior to using it regularly.


  • Teeth Cleaning Habits Should Be Fun!

    Making family dental care fun is not impossible! Parents need to just be proactive! Begin a dental routine from the time they are very young. Let your children choose their toothbrush. Sing while they’re brushing. Let them imitate the proper way on how to do it: brushing every surface of the tooth and gums using small circular movements, the top of the tongue… all within two minutes. Once their gross and motor skills are well improved (example: when they can tie their own shoelaces), feel free to let them brush their own teeth!

Creating healthy habits for a healthy smile now will encourage a lifetime of good dental care. With all of these guidelines on hand, we are confident to say that children will be ready for another academic year of fun, learning and exciting activities all while wearing a bright healthy smile!

Call our Queen Creek Dental Office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.

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